Balmain Rosie Vintage Gold Edition

The French haute couture fashion house returns with another special eyewear creation: the Balmain Rosie Vintage Gold Edition; a timeless design that embodies the quintessentially Parisian house of Balmain's character and heritage. Truly a collector's piece, only 200 pieces are available worldwide with serial number engraving and a special collector's box.

The Balmain Rosie model, inspired by an original vintage design found in the archive of the House, is selected to be fitted with 18ct vintage yellow gold mirrored lenses - a uniquely brilliant golden tone that holds special symbolic meaning. Vintage yellow gold is meticulously chosen above all other gold tones as it is the authentic historical symbol of preciousness and abundance. Not only is this "millionaire gold" an epitome of status and wealth, but it also embodies the character and heritage of the fashion house as a pioneer of extravagant and elegant fashion trends since the post-world war II era.

All frames are crafted in France with 2 interchangeable lenses - Zeiss sunglasses lenses from Germany and Blue Block lenses from France.